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Powerful Document Workflow Solutions for All Industries

Join paper and electronic business activities into a uniform, streamlined document workflow process to improve daily operations.

No matter what the industry, Hi-Tech's product suite maximizes staff efficiency, reduces costs, improves customer service, and provides security and tracking features for every document handled by the workflow. With Hi-Tech's capture workflows, businesses can automate document handling processes - authenticated users place documents on the feeder, and with the push of a button, scan and send the documents to a variety of destinations in any required format. Additionally, PC desktop users can send electronic documents of any format (email, XML, MS Office, text, etc.) to the required destinations. HiTech's award winning products integrate seamlessly with scanners, digital copiers, and multi-function devices manufactured by Kyocera, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Lexmark.

Federal Government

The goal of any federal agency should be to transform their unstructured and siloed data into something of value: information. By improving your approach to information governance, Laserfiche enables transparency and makes federal agencies more efficient, more effective and better able to create innovative solutions for a variety of needs.

By providing both enterprise control and departmental flexibility, Laserfiche enables federal government agencies to centrally and securely manage all enterprise content, regardless of format-quickly transforming the way your agency operates.

  • Mitigate Risk with DOD certified Records Management
  • Automate Repeatable Business Processes
  • Increase Government Transparency
  • Reduce Storage, Paper and Labor Costs
  • Respond Instantly to FOIA Requests

State and Local Government

When government organizations adopt Laserfiche as part of their information governance strategy, they gain a way to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility. Laserfiche provides a standard for managing content and streamlining business processes across the enterprise and brings benefits to departments as diverse as human services, building inspections, tax, courts and more.

  • Improve Information Access
  • Integrate with Primary Applications for each Department
  • Increase Public Access to Information with Dynamic Web Portals
  • Automate Collaborative Business Processes
  • Mitigate Risk with DOD certified Records Management

Law Enforcement

Laserfiche provides both departmental flexibility and enterprise control, extending flexibility over filing, repository design and workflow to individual departments, while still enabling IT to set and maintain top-level standards.

With Laserfiche, law enforcement agencies implement a standard for managing content and streamlining business processes that addresses every aspect of the information life cycle. From capturing and processing information, to complementing RMS to make information instantly searchable and accessible, to integrating with CAD and GIS applications to make it more useful, Laserfiche turns paperwork from a task into a tool.

  • Share Intelligence to Speed Response
  • Manage and Distribute Case Knowledge
  • Protect the Integrity of Cirminal Investigations


Empowering students, faculty and staff in today's fast-paced educational environment requires more than allowing them fast access to information. Successful colleges, schools and universities need to optimize their business processes by getting the right information into the right hands at the right time.

By standardizing on an agile ECM system from Laserfiche, you will improve information access and optimize business processes across your institution, without adding resources or straining an already tight budget.

  • Facilitate Compliance with Recordkeeping Regulations
  • Ensure Continuity of Operations
  • Enhance Business Office Efficiency
  • Centrally Manage Faculty Records
  • More Quickly Disburse Financial Aid

Financial Services

When it comes to navigating the waters of today's financial services market, manual business processes might leave you hung out to dry. That's why it's crucial to have a powerful document management infrastructure that helps you navigate changing regulatory requirements and leaves you in a better competitive position overall.

With over 4,000 installations in RIA firms, broker-dealers and community banks worldwide, Laserfiche is the preferred choice for the financial services industry. Laserfiche combines flexibility over filing, repository design and workflow for individual departments and offices with secured access to a central repository.

  • Automate Resource-Intensive Business Processes
  • Integrate with CRM, Forms Filling Software, and e-Signature Applications to Streamline Workflows and Find Information More Quickly
  • Automatically Onboard New Accounts
  • Automate E-mail Surveillance and Archival
  • Accelerate Audits While Reducing Compliance Costs


Long deployment schedules and a lack of systems interoperability present two key challenges to the successful implementation of healthcare technology. And yet, quickly connecting staff with critical information is the key to cost-effectively delivering quality care.

Leading healthcare organizations of all sizes, including hospitals, medical groups and practices and billing firms, are turning to Laserfiche to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility, dramatically improving the business productivity and responsiveness of the entire organization-not just areas dealing with patient charts.

  • Manage Patient Records and Accelarate Payment Cycles
  • Enhance Back-Office Processes
  • Support HIPAA Compliance
  • Simplify the Transition to Electronic Medical Records
  • Automate Information-Sharing Between Departments


Laserfiche uses Comprehensive capture tools process varied types of content-including e-mails, scanned timecards, E-sized drawings and digital photographs-into a secure single, standardized system, configurable to the needs and uses of each job or office. Powerful, intuitive business process management (BPM) tools allow you to graphically model complex tasks, from contract submissions and bid changes to project management and ISO specifications, enabling real-time collaboration and decision-making and eliminating bottlenecks to keep costs down. Web-based thin-client deployment and Laserfiche's open architecture allow you to image-enable existing applications and customize access from anywhere for anyone-clients, employees, staff or auditors.

  • Input and Access Information Instantly from Anywhere
  • Accelarate Project Completion
  • Improve Security and Compliance
  • Provide both Departmental Flexibility and Enterprise Control
  • Automate Information-Sharing Between Departments


With powerful capture, distribution, business process management and integration tools, Laserfiche enterprise content management solutions provide manufacturing companies with the control and flexibility necessary to optimize business processes and reduce operating costs.

  • Eliminate Production Bottlenecks
  • Process Orders Quickly and Accurately
  • Simplify Compliance and Guarantee Security
  • Build an ECM infrastructure accross departments like accounting, HR, Production and Sales