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The unexpected does occur and safety and security is a serious concern for administrators. The "Duty to Protect" has been well established in the Courts. Families and employees have an expectation that the institutions they trust will take proactive steps to provide a reasonably safe environment. In fact, under circumstances that may pose an unusual safety risk, administrators are obligated to go beyond mandates to develop and implement standards of care that create a reasonable environment of safety. Do "Pencil & Paper" Visitor Logs meet these standards?

Failures of “Pencil & Paper” Visitor Logs are Massive:

  • No Positive Identification: Handwritten sign-in sheets are often illegible and incomplete.
  • Watchlists and Registered Offenders are Missed: Manual screening of every visitor is not practical, so most facilities end up screening no one.
  • No Database Checks for Protective Orders or Other Flags or Notes
  • No Reporting: Reporting requires sign-in sheets to be manually typed. Searching through paper-based records is slow and error-prone.
  • Weak Security: Paper-based sign-in sheets provide a false sense of protection and do not protect your institution.

Hi-TechID Visitor ID Management and Kiosk Solutions

Within seconds, a simply swipe of a visitor’s driver’s license, military ID or passport produces a full color, photo badge with name, entrance date/time and destination. Automatically check Sex Offender watchlists or other in-house flags. Easily set security clearance levels and group visitors as “Banned”, “Contractor”, “VIP” or others.

Not All Visitor Management Solutions Are The Same

  1. Revisit-mode or Full Self-Serve Kiosks: For increased security, “Revisit-mode” Kiosks only allow pre-registered visitors to self-swipe and print badges for themselves and minors. “Full-serve” do not require reception or security intervention unless visitor is watchlist flagged. Other options include Interactive Questionnaires, Facility Rules and Regulation Agreement Acknowledgment with Signature or Fingerprint Capture.
  2. Self-Expiring Badges: After 12 hours, Hi-TechID badges display “VOID”. Also, badges are colored coded to distinguish Visitors, Contracts, VIPs and other types of guests.
  3. Full-Color, High Resolution Photos Why print a B&W photo that looks like a smudge mark? Clear, color photos are critical to accurately identify individuals as they move throughout your facility.
  4. Automatic Sexual Offender Check: Our national database is updated weekly. A pop-up for your receptionist is important to verify photo, race, height, weight, hair and eye color nice, but security is immediately sent a text or email alert.
  1. ID Validation: Hi-TechID uses the same infra-red and ultra-violet technology used by U.S. Airports, Federal, State and Military Checkpoints. We also have Passport readers if you have international visitors.
  2. Fast Scan & Print: Having the fastest system on the market today was no accident. Depending on features selected, printing starts in 1 second after ID scanning.
  3. Generate Visitor Analytics and Custom Reports
  4. Expert Set-up, Training and Support by Real Computer Engineers Every Hi-Tech engineer holds a degree from an accredited college or university. There’s no “press 2 for this”, we use live employees to answer our telephones to route you for the fastest, most responsive answer.
  5. Integration with existing access control/building security: Barcodes are encoded to match Building Security requirements for restricted access. Our open architecture allows a completely integrated solution using our Software Development Kit (SDK), web services Application Program Interface (API) and custom development options.

How Are Custody Issues Managed at Your School?

For example, if a man comes to your school and wishes to leave with a child, your school must have a fairly foolproof method to quickly determine if the man is indeed the legal father with rights to the child. How about Restraining Orders or special types of Custody arrangements? For example, if little Johnny lives with his father from Thurdsay at 6pm until Sunday, the father may not send a note to school and authorize a third party to pick up Johnny from school on Monday.

Does your receptionist or administrators have fast access to this critical information? Admittedly, you may feel that you need a law degree at times but being unprepared does not help. The added pressure of searching for legal documents or scrambling to find an administrator increases the odds of errors and bad decision making.

How Does Hi-Tech's Visitor Management System Help?

With Hi-TechID, a pop-up alert warns you when someone attempts to enter who's "Banned". A text or email alert is automatiically sent to Security or Administrators letting them know of a potential problem at the reception desk. Additionally, important documents are just one click away so eliminate any confusion.

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