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Ultimately, the HiTech team is simply a collection of individuals. Without great players, a great team cannot be built

Here's What We Do...

Every HiTech team member is provided a simple but personal Career Development Plan, gains access to expert-level training, recieves cutting-edge technology, participates in company-wide meetings and directly interacts with our President and founder, Bryan Meehan.

Bryan's vision and incredible success is deeply rooted in the shared success and prosperity of all HiTech team members. With your commitment to The 17 Key Qualities We Live By, you can enjoy success and grow with us. Here they are:

ADAPTABLE: If You Won't Change for the Team, the Team May Change You

COLLABORATIVE: Working Together Precedes Winning Together

COMMITTED: There Are No Halfhearted Champions

COMMUNICATIVE: A Team Is Many Voices With A Single Heart

COMPETENT: If YOU Can't, Your Team Won't

DEPENDABLE: Teams Go to Go-To Players

DISCIPLINED:: Where There's A Will, There's A Win

ENLARGING:Adding Value To Teammates Is Invaluable

ENTHUSIASTIC::Your Heart Is The Source Of Energy For The Team

INTENTIONAL: Make Every Action Count

MISSION CONSCIOUS:: The (Big) Picture Is Coming In Loud And Clear

PREPARED: Preparation Can Mean The Difference Between Winning And Losing

RELATIONAL:If You Get Along, Others Will Go Along

SELF-IMPROVING: Make A Resolution To Find The Solution

SELFLESS: There Is No I in Team

SOLUTION ORIENTED::Make A Resolution To Find The Solution

TENACIOUS: Never, Never, Never Quit

If you feel you have what it takes to help us build a stronger, better team, please accept our invitation.

During good times and even bad, HiTech is always looking for the best of the best. If that's you, please apply today at: (Thank You)

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