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HiTech's Expert Engineers Fully Customize to Meet Critical Compliance Requirements

Whether state, federal, military, university or fortune 500, major organizations of all types have standardized on WASP Asset/Inventory Solutions. WHY? Intuitive functionality for ease of use PLUS maximum reliability and security following the industry's latest best practices.

HiTech engineers deliver expert conversion services, dynamic reports with custom filters using SAP Crystal Reports, customized field set-up with drop-downs and training documents with custom screenshots. This is how HiTech delivers enterpise solutions on time and within budget. HiTech's expertly designed Pilot Package is available for as little as $4,809.51. Combine 3 HiTech Pilot packages on the same server and we'll provide Enterprise Licensing with unlimited users - wow!

Eliminate hundreds, even thousands of wasted hours

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Tags allow an entire room to be scanned in a single sweep. RFID Tags are available in a variety of sizes and form factors to meet every requirement including furniture, laptops, tablets, servers, vehicles, outdoor devices, athletic equipment and even clothing. And yes, you can work in a mixed environment using RFID and standard 1D and 2D barcodes.

HiTech’s unique combination of patented chip and reader technology enables our mobile computers to function like “fixed” readers. HiTech’s results are 30 – 50% longer than those typically achieved following International Standards published under UHF, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C. Hands-on testing in your environment is always advised.


Customize your Dashboard with real-time dynamic links. Design the MobileAsset Dashboard to display important notifications, charts and graphs, or abbreviated lists. Critical information about your assets is easily accessible. Guarantee nothing is missed with email alerts for past due checked-out assets, contracts and maintenance.

iPhone/iPad/Android SmartPhone

Our new SmartPhone App provides full mobile functionality. Plus you can "filter" Site/Location access by individual login to restrict assets by 75+ different rights. These are easily assigned by Groups or by User and our Enterprise Version is Active Directory compatible.

ID Card and Signature Capture

Signature and Photo Capture is Hassle-free During “Check-out”, Signatures and ID Badges are automatically linked. Receipts can be emailed and printed. Using Hi-Tech’s built-in camera, automatically attach photos without manually uploading.

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